Brighton5 teens on Brighton seafront
is a reaction to the growing problems young people are facing – there is a mental health crisis that is showing no sign of going away. It is a crisis that is particularly affecting girls – one in four has depression before they are 14.

Brighton5 is bringing local teenagers together to create
and produce video content that will be distributed through schools and colleges. Teens will share their stories in a positive, creative and safe environment to gain an understanding of issues that affect their mental health such as device addiction, self harm and negative body image. They will learn skills in production, animation and music. They will build relationships and work with expert adult mentors. We are determined to make positive change.

Latest stories

Happy Halloween!

To celebrate Halloween, we gave our teens makeup and cameras. Did you know that over half of adolescents struggle with low self-esteem and negative body image? Brighton5 is working to change that. We hope you enjoy our film that celebrates positive body image. Happy Halloween!

The antidote to “Instagram Face”

Happy weekend! This week we got a few of our teens and pre-teens together to create a special #HallowTeen film that celebrates their creativity and got them thinking outside the usual focus on the “perfect body image” and “Instagram Face” (read this eye-watering article on the BBC News website if you want to know more!) – and we had great fun! As Brighton5 teen Chloe put it, “Halloween is a...

My daughter the self-harmer: Getting help

It is estimated that more than one in five girls self-harm in the UK. One parent details the journey from the realisation that her teen was self-harming, through the maze of bureaucracy to try and get help.  It’s incredibly brave to put your private life out there in the public eye, but our blogger  mum has done just that in the hope that others will see that they’re not alone...

My daughter the self-harmer

It is estimated that more than one in five girls self-harm in the UK. One parent details the journey from the realisation that her teen was self-harming, through the maze of bureaucracy to try and get help.  We will follow mum and daughter’s story over the next few weeks. Links to organisations that can offer help and support are listed at the bottom of this post. Chapter One. “Mum, I cut myself”...

A bit of inspiration and some really useful links

Hello! Here’s a quick Brighton5 Crowdfunder update and some really useful links to organisations that have helped us along the way this week. We have raised £4,250 of our target in our first week, which is hugely encouraging! We’ve been busy ticking off things on our ever-growing lists – I have post-it-notes everywhere! So far this week, we’ve edited a new blog that will be up on

Crowdfunder update – thank you!

We want to send a great big thank you to everyone who has supported the Brighton5 Crowdfunder to raise vital funds for Brighton5’s next project, which is to work with teens and local schools and colleges to tackle mental health issues. We’d also like to pick your brains! Launching a Crowdfunder has been a huge learning curve! It sometimes feels like we’re looking after a newborn...

The Brighton5 crowdfunder is GO!

Hello friends! We’ve just launched our Brighton5 crowdfunder which has it’s official launch on Wednesday 10th October on World Mental Health Day. We want to get as many people involved in our Crowdfunder as possible and with that in mind, we’re campaigning for people to donate anything from £1 (hopefully more!) to the fund, and to pass it on – to recommend every friend and...

Device addiction hits a nerve

According to Ofcom, one in five teens spend over seven hours a day on their mobile phone, and, on average, people in the UK check their phones every 12 minutes. (Here’s a challenge: will you get to the end of this blog post without giving your mobile a sneaky peek?) These are shocking statistics. And the news that Brighton5 is working to turn the negative side of teen smartphone addiction...

More Brighton5 news

We hosted the lovely folk from BBC South East today for an interview. Given a fair wind it should be on TV tonight (Tuesday) at 6.30pm, so look out for us! The focus was on device addiction and our teens spoke eloquently about the impact their phones have on their lives and how Brighton5 is working to make a positive change – helping teens to understand the positives and negatives of their...

Watch Brighton5 on ITV Meridian News

We’re on the telly! Yesterday morning we were interviewed by Malcolm Shaw from ITV Meridian News for a piece about Brighton5. Our teens, Lola and Chloe joined us and we were super impressed with how they performed in front of the camera. And thanks to Biba for stepping in last minute as our camera person! Tell us what you think in the comments below and, more importantly, please share the...

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